Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mercury stations direct today at 11° Scorpio. The messenger has fathomed the dark reaches of our inner underworld and is now preparing to return. The work we’ve done over the past three weeks, knowingly or not, was important work for our souls. As subtle as it may seem, all that was discovered, realized, and revealed over this time has cleared a path for an abundance of regenerative opportunities in our inner lives. Opportunities to expand our awareness into perspectives we have only heard faint whispers of. Opportunities to more fully understand the limitations and mortality of ourselves and our loved ones. Opportunities to birth a new direction or initiative in our life, thanks to our new awareness, perspective, and understanding. Embracing that which empowers us enables the fruits of our efforts to ripen and sustain us. Moon in Virgo sextile Mercury today supports this work, this initiative, this new direction. Awaken to You. Feel the love emanating from the cosmos within. You breathe it every day.

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