Uranus in the Third House

by Victor Brauner
by Victor Brauner

Wild, spontaneous, electrifying Uranus charges the mind with a thirst for knowledge in order to gain an understanding of how to make sense of the world. The higher consciousness that we often neglect and turn a deaf ear to is screaming its lightening lungs out for us to get it down on paper, speak it verbosely, and know it completely. Write about the progress we need to make! You see everything so sharply, quickly, and with such cynical wit. Beware of a rapid fire mouth that spews elitist degrading quips. Your wisdom is in knowing many things quickly, but so many of your thoughts may not be wise. Take the time to analyze and authenticate your thoughts before you speak or write them publicly.

The majority of your energy will be of the mind and mentally draining. Discipline yourself to put into action those ideas and thoughts that you took the time to analyze and authenticate. They are indeed your gifts and wisdom worth sharing. The only way to vitalize and nourish that incessantly brilliant mind of yours is to act on that which you know to be true and worthy of expressing. The tendency to retreat from building an expansive legacy looms over you, often with a desire to keep it all up in your mind. Instead, learn how to ground yourself so you can act on your ideas and share them to bring higher-consciousness progress to the world.

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