Thursday, October 31, 2019

Mercury stationing retrograde today at 27° Scorpio just before it reaches Venus at 28° Scorpio brings to light the underlying currents of power struggles and past trauma we are afraid to face and learn about ourselves and our relationships. Facing our trauma is difficult work and not for the faint of heart, but we are given the opportunity now to reflect upon these issues for the next month, as Mercury goes back through Scorpio. When it reaches the Sun at 18° Scorpio on November 11th, we will more fully understand these matters and how to express them outwardly. As is always the case with Mercury retrograde, be mindful of reflection. It is the ideal time to be introspective about matters relating to how we manage our lives, in particular our relationships, sexuality, limitations, and secrets (Scorpio). Growth comes through reflection and action, the latter being the most difficult to actualize.

Moon joins Jupiter at 23° Sagittarius later this morning, bringing us an opportunity to expand our consciousness into these reaches of reflection in order to better illuminate the resolutions we are facing with our own identity. Our emotional body is awakening. Nurture it and remind it that it is safe in your own embrace.

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