Thursday, March 5, 2020

Venus came home to Taurus last night. This is decadent indulgence. We are recognizing the value of all that surrounds us. From the wind through the pines to the socks around our toes. As we spend the next month with this benevolent placement of the goddess of beauty in her home sign of Taurus, we can expect financial matters to dominate our consciousness. As I said, we are recognizing the value of everything in our lives. We are checking in on our sustainability and our volatility. Can what we are doing last? Are my dreams practical and attainable? Maybe there’s a more lucrative direction. Take heed of this transit and put energy into what is valuable to you, but be mindful of investing, because as she approaches Uranus in the next couple of days we will see more and more market instability. Give it a week or so. Just remember to make what is valuable to you sustainable. And don’t forget to respect the people and experiences that are valuable to you, not just the stuff!

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