Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn starts our day today. These planets are in their home signs (Mars traditionally), helping them both work together to bring us further personal growth. The recognitions we’ve been having over the past week or so are begging us to take action and stay committed to the changes and rebuilding process we’ve embarked upon. We are in the midst of a deep psychological rebirth that can only come to fruition through determination and loyalty to our intentions. As Moon enters Libra this morning, we begin to weigh the value of the relationships we’ve been witnessing and more clearly understanding over the past few weeks. The grounding reality check going on has been an opportunity to lay a foundation under these relationships and build up and out into vastly more expansive horizons. Venus will enter Aquarius very early tomorrow morning, helping us raise the bar on our relationships and instill a higher purpose and calling to the value of them. Perhaps we will begin to recognize how we can apply that value to our community and tribal network. What essential contributions can our most sacred relationships bring to enhance the community and circle of friends we cherish? It is time to work together to elevate our local vibrations. Gather those you love this Solstice weekend and forge a unique future of communal engagement. The changes coming are going to begin there.

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