Thursday, December 12, 2019

This is the assimilation of all knowledge gained from our past. The rising of truths from the depths of our unconsciousness hold keys to understanding how we’ve fallen short in our lives. Fear can betray the values inherent in our processing this. Only when we trust the journey we’ve navigated has brought us to this day for good reason can we forgive ourselves and find faith in the process unfolding ahead of us.

Take what you’ve learned and don’t waste that knowledge. Assimilate it by applying it to all the unknowns in your life. The Great Mystery reveals itself in subtle nuances if we expand the vessel in which we absorb the truth. That vessel is our consciousness. 

The light all around us is not only within the source, it is in the air that we breathe, the invisible space between the provider and recipient. And once that light is assimilated, it can be a reflective source of more light to others.

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