Thursday, April 2, 2020

So much has transpired in the past two weeks. I’ve put together a portfolio of my photographs (, social distancing has become l0ckdown in many many more places, and our sense of uncertainty and fear has escalated into waves of anxiety and depression. There is no mistaking the magnitude of our global situation, however dire it may be from one place to another. Staying home and staying safe is critical to lessening the infections and deaths from Coronavirus.

Saturn entered Aquarius on March 22nd. Because Saturn is restrictive and responsible, and Aquarius is community and friendship, social distancing is very apropos for the Saturn in Aquarius transit. More importantly, however, Saturn brings our sense of responsibility and achievement into alignment, begging the question of what does that imply for the next two-and-a-half years (Saturn’s journey through each sign). We are reestablishing and rebuilding new societal and communal structures. We are completely reevaluating the value of these crucial parts of our lives. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is in Taurus, which is the sign of what we value, our resources, our property, our self-sustainment. So when you synthesize these planets, the signs they’re in, and their rulers, we get a story. This is the story of actively (Mars) rebuilding (Saturn) our communities (Aquarius) by determining what is most valuable and self-sustaining (Taurus) for a better future (Aquarius).

As Mars begins its journey through Aquarius, after passing Saturn at 0° on Tuesday, we are all feeling a bit anxious and on edge. The fiery nature of Mars in the sign that rules our nervous system is prone to anxiety, especially in these fearful times. But I’m not here to fan those flames of fear. I am here to explain what good we can focus on during these transits. We are all feeling Mars and Saturn in Aquarius today, especially as Moon approaches an opposition to them in Leo this afternoon. She is already beginning to reflect all of these things back to us, as if looking into a mirror, awakening us to their potentials. Potentials that serve us.

Mars allows us to be bold, take action, and stand up for ourselves and what we believe in. In proper alignment, it is the creative spark that ignites a passion in us to boldly follow new paths forward. Aquarius rules our nervous system, science, community, and setting the bar higher. It seeks to go beyond the status quo, to rebel against the old outmoded ways of the past (Capricorn), to establish a future that reflects the values of higher consciousness. The sparks and inspirations that you’re having, perhaps with your friends over Zoom or Skype, are the valuable focal points for us right now. With Moon approaching an opposition to Saturn and Mars (in that order) today, we can expect to nurture these values and ideas, taking heart that our anxiety and fear are simply not serving us for the greater good and higher potential of what is to come. Granted some of us may be in places where the situation is quite dire, but that means it is even more imperative that we hold space with these visions of a better future for our communities and society-at-large. The world needs our hope and our ideas and our visions. Beyond the grueling monotony of traditional values and patriarchal mindsets, where greed and corruption and ulterior motives are rampant, there is a new civilization emerging. Today we reflect upon this and hold space with sparks of inspiration that can advance ourselves, our families, and our communities into a more aligned and awakened planet for our children’s children. Don’t feed into the rabbit hole of fear and anxiety. Lift yourself up into a reality of hope and love, tenderness and care, understanding and forgiveness. We are all related.

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