January 26, 2020

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View from Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church, Vernazza, Italy

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces today and tomorrow, with Mars squaring them from Sagittarius. Addtionally, Moon approaches Venus/Neptune Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Relationships. Perhaps plagued by selfish desires or righteous indignation from nethers we can’t control, Mars squaring this otherwise nebulous and beautiful Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces brings us a window of time we might be better off laying down our guns in order to drink in an extra-passionate display of indulgences. Of course Mars in Sagittarius can take our fiery passions, desires, and anger to extremes, but the deep love-infused feminine bath of Moon/Venus/Neptune in Pisces douses those flames with hymns of the Sirens and leaves us with no capacity to disregard their tune. This is a Piscean window. What do you see outside your Piscean window? The cliffs of a beautiful Mediterranean village under a blue sky and beside a calm sea? Gorgeous fields of poppies? A babbling spring brook filled with ducklings and swans? Whatever it may be, this is the story of these days. Be mindful of your temper, however. Don’t let often-overly-righteous Mars slash and burn the villages, fields, and banks of your otherwise delightful scenery!


Thursday, November 7, 2019

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This morning began with a very early Moon/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which we likely felt last night trickling in. Moon in Pisces, especially conjunct Neptune in its own sign, is the essence of experiencing the womb in waking life, a watery etheric dreamlike essence that helps us better understand how to trust in the process of becoming. As she approaches Aries, we begin to feel the inevitability of separation from this, thus preparing ourselves to re-individuate and take the reins of our lives back into our own hands. Spending the day meditating on this process will be good for us.

With this Moon/Neptune conjunction in Pisces comes things that are beyond our control, and that includes news we don’t expect or want with retrograde Mercury in Scorpio semi-sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius digging up even more shadows from the past.

Late tomorrow evening and into Saturday, Sun in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn which sextiles Neptune in Pisces (which also means Sun trines Neptune). We are caught in a battle between escapism and pragmatism, confused about the values of each. Likely opting for the former, we may get caught in a web of crossed boundaries, responsibilities left by the side of the road in a bag with all our prudent choices in it. There are lessons through this process, however. Just be mindful of your actions and the consequences that could result from those actions. By Sunday we can lick our wounds and hike back the seven miles to look for our bag of pragmatic prudence on the side of the road.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Moon is traveling through Virgo today and opposes Neptune in Pisces just after 6pm EDT. We feel this applying throughout the day as our capacity to be efficient and productive and organized (Moon in Virgo) subtly dissolves (Neptune in Pisces), rendering us better off doing any work requiring those virtues in the morning hours. But this brings an important flow later in the day, one that takes us downriver to exactly the place we are meant to go, even though we didn’t plan on it. Virgo Moon wants to be in control of the situation, while Neptune in Pisces renders that futile. Trust in the Way, says Neptune. When we quiet ourselves and allow the dance to unfold we find peace. Keep peace into the evening so we can rest well and make the most of Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow!


Full Moon in Pisces, etc.

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• Venus and Mercury conjunct at 28° Virgo this morning at 11:08am EDT
• Full Moon at 21° Pisces late tonight (early tomorrow) at 12:34am EDT
• Mars at 17° Virgo and Neptune at 17° Pisces (opposition) at 1:20am EDT (both T-squaring Jupiter at 16° Sagittarius)

It is always good to feel into your life sometimes instead of always trying to figure it out and get it all perfect. Full Moons are when things are most exposed, and when it is in Pisces it exposes our vulnerabilities, the things we neglect, and things that are out of our control, but it also emanates an etheric swathe of divine serenity. A feeling that everything is going to be okay. This is always a nice feeling, of course, but the rub is that the full Moon opposes Sun in Virgo, where it is cavorting with its usual compadres, Mercury and Venus (and presently Mars). Virgo is the ultimate focal point of grounded consciousness. It brings that celestial serenity down through our root and gravitates us to the Earth’s core. This axis of the zodiac is the most paradoxical of all axes. Applying it to everyday life, however, it can best be conveyed as doing and not-doing. This paradox is repeatedly mentioned in Taoism. “Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.”

This cluster of inner planets and Sun in Virgo opposing Moon and Neptune in Pisces is asking us to recognize this dichotomy in our lives. The dilemma between doing and not-doing. So much can be drawn from the tapestry of merely existing that it often feels as though nothing else needs to be accomplished. God already accomplished everything for us. But Virgo demands that we take that stellar awakening and understanding and apply it to everything we do, because we of course have to DO. What are we doing? How are we doing it?

Mercury and Venus at 28° Virgo brings such a culminating sense of achievement to our work and our relationships in life. Although this transit is already separating, the residual effects are hopefully beautiful for you. We are beginning to graduate into the realm of Libra tonight, with Mercury crossing into the Venusian sign at 3:15am EDT. Our personal needs and reflections upon the management of our lives is shifting into the needs of others and how we can work together to better achieve collective serenity.

But Mars opposes Neptune! That devilish Mars can throw wrenches into plans and do things we don’t expect or want. Things that, during transits like this especially, can be completely out of our control. Like our feelings about doing and not-doing. Agitation, anxiety, stress, fear. They can take us for rides we never would ask to go on. But Neptune in Pisces asks us to have faith that the struggles and trauma and setbacks are stepping stones to a richer and more fulfilling destiny. They’re obstacles we must overcome to reach the divine serenity emanating from the orb we call Neptune. This transit, especially with Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius squaring them, brings tremendous growth of consciousness, even if it comes disguised as trouble or strife. See what you can find in any struggles you encounter that may be silver linings leading you to greater greatness. YOU instead of you. Blessings.


Venus in Pisces (Feb 10 – Mar 6)

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Danae, by Gustav Klimt, 1907, oil on canvas

The spiritual lover and sensual collector of all fine things. Things to touch, smell, feel, hear, and taste. The senses will be spiritualized! It is time to awaken your senses to the spiritual meaning behind all of them. There is intrinsic value in many material things, but it is important not to confuse their value with just personal gratification. Yes, it can be enlightening to experience the sensuality of physical touch, beautiful music, succulent cuisine, or enchanting perfumes, but there is an underlying value there beyond the realm of our senses five. Perhaps you could call it our sixth sense or channeling through our crown chakra, but these experiences of existence go deep into the subtle bodies. That feeling of getting chills across your whole body when a musician takes you on a magical journey? That is the embodiment of Venus in Pisces. It is so important to recognize the value of beauty beyond the flesh, beyond just the senses. As we awaken to these realizations, we begin to understand how sacred the world around us truly is. The Great Spirit that flows through everything is the epitome of these forces.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the higher octave, if you will, of Venus. These energies are synergetic, so when they combine with one another there is tremendous lift beneath their wings. And wings is a great metaphor for how they can make you feel. Be careful not to climb too high into the stratosphere, because there is work to be done here on Earth. The Venus of Earth is Taurus, which is our senses, our talents, our inspirations. The Venus of Air is Libra, which is our relationships, our desire for fairness and harmony and understanding among one another. And Pisces is the Water in this alchemical brew. It is actually more like the Ether of the brew, the steam and essences that rise from the cauldron of our brew.

What is the true substance of all of this? It reveals itself in subtle nuances throughout our days and nights. It is our relationships wanting to run away forever and never come back. It is our evenings wanting to turn up the music, open a fine bottle of wine, and maybe smoke some grass. It is a warm afternoon walk through a forest dappled with sunbeams. It is a luxurious swim in warm turquoise waters off the coast of a remote island. But the essence of these experiences is what they do to our soul’s evolution. Can you witness and understand the value of these things without getting lost in the self-serving gratification of them? Yes, they sound dreamy, and they are, but understand that all of that beauty and joy and pleasure is fleeting and merely a means to respecting and appreciating on a spiritual level how infinitely magical the Universe truly is.

Stay in check during this time, though. This can take relationships into unknown territories and lure you both into places you didn’t know you’d go. It can be like the gorgeous Sirens who lure you into your demise with their temptations and otherworldly beauty. Take care to do the work that still needs done. Stay responsible, stay aligned with your path, stay in touch with each other through communication, both speaking and touching. Have important moments together with close friends, loved ones, your parents. This is a deep transit of Love. It is an opportunity to experience Love as the true essence of existence, not just a word or a feeling or a thought. But it can also take your relationship on an out-of-control spiral into the unknown. Don’t let your relationship be lost through escapism!

On Wednesday, February 21st, Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, magnifying all of these things to extremes. If you can, take time to meditate on the importance of the physical and spiritual in your life, as well as how they balance one another and are ultimately intertwined in this third dimension.