Friday, November 8, 2019 – Part 2

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Moon, freshly reborn into Aries, immediately meets Chiron and opposes Juno this morning, challenging our initial drive to burst forth into our new beginnings. Juno is very pleased to be in Libra, strengthening all our relations and helping us recognize our need for them, but Chiron continues to remind us of the deep personal wounds that played integral roles in depleting our self-esteem. This can feel like a bit of a wet blanket on what would otherwise be a full-blown launching of all engines, but all activations have lessons. Chiron’s lesson, as Moon travels past it, is to listen very closely to our inner child for its cries for help. What sadness have we yet to acknowledge within that, when heeded and nurtured, will allow us to emerge from a shrouded darkness that has so long felt like protection? This emergence will enable us to grasp the horns of life we once held and truly forge our own path. Moon remains in Aries through Sunday evening, giving us quite a fiery weekend to be bold, productive, and fearless, but also head-strong, rash, and resistant to any other way but our own. For this we need to channel Juno in Libra’s feminine wisdom to honor commitment, love, and sacrifice.

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