Sunday, October 20, 2019

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The grand water trine between Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces is grounded (and intimidating) in a kite pattern by Saturn in Capricorn, keeping our desires to drift into etheric depths and reaches in check. You WANT to drift and journey to those reaches of inspiration and bliss, but something within is telling you you shouldn’t; a fated stagnation. With Mars in Libra (ruler Venus) squaring the nodes in Capricorn (ruler Saturn) and Cancer (ruler Moon…see the repeated archetypes here?), we are feeling torn between doing what WE want to do and what OTHERS want us to do. This is an instigating, impulsive, cardinal aspect that tends to bring edgy passive/aggressive fuel to these combustible dynamics in our relationships. We are always faced with the self and the other in relationships, but with Mars in Libra squaring the nodes it can be a fanned flame. Squares (and oppositions) are tests and challenges that beckon us to proceed with integrity, but Mars squaring the nodes doesn’t usually take the time to think about integrity. And Saturn rooting the grand water trine may just allow you to find out where the boundaries you shouldn’t cross really are. The combination of all these activations brings either a timid pause or a willful intuitive leap. Pause if we heed the cautionary wisdom of Saturn in Capricorn and the subordinate nets of Libra. Leap if we throw Saturn’s caution and Libra’s nets to the wind, allowing ourselves to be ourselves, wherever that takes us.

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