Setting the Stage (Lunar Eclipse in Leo)


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Monday, January 21, 2019, 12:16am EST
Sun 0°51′ Aquarius, Moon 0°51′ Leo
North Node 26°46′ Cancer, South Node 26°46′ Capricorn
Visibility: All of North and South America

As is always the case with eclipses, we have the opportunity to channel the direct transmission between ourselves (Earth) and our luminaries (Sun and Moon). Sun at 0° Aquarius > Earth > Moon at 0° Leo. This is a portal in the most real sense; a time to recognize and reflect upon the journey behind and ahead of us. With the Full Moon in Leo, this reflection is about self-awareness, self-identity, and especially creative self-expression. Through solemn intention, preparedness, and right action we can access potentials we might otherwise not access. The most promising future that can arise from the intensity of eclipses is a result of the actions we take to manifest it. 

A Lunar eclipse in Leo amplifies the importance of discovering the wholeness of our individual identity, often through self-expressive creativity or lucid recognition of the Self through emotional, intellectual, or intuitive awakening. It involves stripping away that which does not serve us in our self-centering process. Detaching. These awakenings can occur in glimpses when one suddenly recognizes their Self through their creative process. Leo sometimes gets a bad rap for self-centeredness, but it’s more accurately about finding the center of the Self. All that desire for being recognized is actually the desire for self-discovery.

How we act upon our intuitive and creative self-expression depends upon how self-aware and ready we are to do so. Said differently, the extent to which we are able to manifest the potentials of these celestial activations depends upon how evolved we are and how ready we are to receive them. Feeling into the direct transmission line between ourselves (Earth) and our luminaries (Sun and Moon) through bodywork, sexuality, meditation, the creative process, or intentional ceremony can help advance our preparedness so we can awaken to our most ideal course of action.

I recommend at least taking a moment Sunday evening, if not engaging in a full ceremony, to voice or write your intentions for the next six months. It is during these next six months that you must SET THE STAGE for the direction that must be taken at the end of that period. On July 2nd of this year, Mars enters Leo on the same day as the next eclipse (a Solar eclipse), thus the exact same placement of this Sunday’s Full Moon. This is a prime example of how these cycles work. Lunar eclipse with Moon at 0° Leo, Solar eclipse in six months with Mars at 0° Leo. How we spend the next six months reflecting upon our identity, our creative self-expression, and the path we need to take to manifest our legacy will have a direct impact upon how READY we will be to TAKE ACTION when Mars goes into Leo on July 2nd. As I mentioned above, we are SETTING THE STAGE during this eclipse. Gather your props, your characters, and channel the muse that sings between Sun and Moon Sunday night to write your script between now and then. Desire your wholeness, center yourself, align your sights, and prepare the stage for your next journey.

Ceremony and conscious intention combine to activate the potentials inherent in the placements of Sun and Moon. Sit in silence. Meditate. Listen to the higher mind, your inner child, your shadows. They speak softly.

Like anything else, observe where this eclipse (Moon, Sun, and Nodes) are aspecting your other planets and angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC, and IC) to understand in what arena this eclipse will be affecting your life. 

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2 thoughts on “Setting the Stage (Lunar Eclipse in Leo)

  1. Thank you for all the information and advice given here…really appreciate knowing this! My natal ascendant is 28 Cancer opposite 28 Capricorn descendant and my Venus is 0 deg Gemini and Uranus is 2 degrees Gemini (11th house) with my Pluto in Leo at 4 deg and Mars in Leo at 8 degrees in the first house. Could this eclipse bring in a much needed transformation of my financial sector? I experienced financial loss through major romantic deception and illusion throughout 2018 due to the Neptune/Pisces square to my Mercury in Gemini 17 degrees. Now I am trying to recoup and rebuild my financial and emotional areas so they are both more stable. My Moon is in Capricorn 6 deg in the 6th house opposite my Jupiter in Cancer 4 deg, Sun in 6 deg in the 12th house. I am hopeful 2019 will be a better year on all levels! .

    1. Hi Beverly. Thank you so much for reaching out. Sorry I am not responding until now. You are asking a question that would really require a more in depth look at your chart, as well as your progressed and solar arc charts. If you would like to book a consultation with me I am running a 20% discount between now and Valentine’s Day. I offer 30 minute consultations too, but for a first-time reading it might be best to do a full 75 minute.

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