Saturn in the First Quadrant

Saturn in His Chariot, Artist Unknown

Saturn in the First House: We think we are in charge and can discipline everyone. And we might be. Saturn is the leader. Saturn is the mentor. Saturn is the authority. We also may be afraid of taking the stand we feel we want to take. The first house is the beginning of new cycles in this life, what we need to learn for the first time in a long time. It is what we have come here charged to do. It is the combustible energy of two atoms colliding. The fire that drives us forward and gives us strength to stand up for what we believe is right and to fight against what we believe is wrong. This is the signature of the determination of Will. These are the leaders of movements that shake the world. Mentors that people look up to in awe because of their raw energy and grounded determination. But sometimes their determination and hardheaded convictions can go too far and bring violent ruptures or trauma. These people are often those who died by the sword in a past life. Their zealous leadership may end them up in jail for standing up for a cause. Guilt arises here out of recognition of one’s aggressive nature and hot temper, perhaps having been the bully. It can also be the signature of those not ready to stand up and take charge, doubting their inner drive. Take a stand! Lay down your doubt and know you have the charisma and inner fire to be bold and lead others. And if you’re overzealous and act before thinking, keep calm, chill out, and be productive through positivity. Temper your temper!

Saturn in the Second House: Here we have a robust capacity to manage our resources with discipline. However, we may instead mismanage those resources and be paying the price. One typically is well aware of when to spend and when not to spend, but as Saturn is both the rule maker and rule breaker, discipline can either be inherent or lacking. Discipline requires work, and sometimes we brush aside the work that needs done only to wait for a transit that teaches us that lesson the hard way. With these two earth energies (Taurus/Capricorn), there is a rigidity that seeks to encapsulate stability through repetition and lack of change so that nothing can go wrong. So, if things are managed properly they won’t go wrong, but mismanagement can bring financial setbacks, loss of personal belongings, or blows to their self-esteem. There can be an element of greed that will come back to bite them if left unchecked. They also may need time and lessons in life to teach them to believe in themselves. Self-doubt can run deep here. But if they’ve harnessed their inner authority, this can be the ultimate money manager, the financial guru, especially with their own money. They are, at their finest, masters of resource protection. It is also possible for these people to cross boundaries sexually or have boundaries crossed sexually towards them. They may have been the victim of sexual abuse by an elder male as a child, or the perpetrator of such abuse as an adult. Respect and honor the morals and ethics of Truth. Align your dignity with a disciplined approach to taking good care of yourself and your resources and your journey will be bountiful.

Saturn in the Third House: Play! Stop! Play! Stop! Play! Stop! Never quite sure if it’s okay to be the life of the party, these people can hold back from having fun because it makes them feel guilty. “There’s work to be done! Why are you wasting your time playing!” Yet despite this caveat, they are solid learners who structure their lives around a disciplined approach to gathering knowledge and learning about life. But they can doubt their own knowledge and education, thinking they don’t have the authority and understanding they need to succeed in life. They may have a gruff voice and seem stern and strict. They’re making sure you don’t forget about the work that needs to be done. It may be they spoke up in a past life and it didn’t go so well. It may be they crossed a boundary or two in this life by speaking up, too. Methodical in their phrasing of sentences, perhaps renowned for their writing or public speaking abilities, these folks can be masters of the word, both spoken and written. It may be hard, however, for them to believe they’re as good as they truly are at it. For Saturn can make it hard for us to take ourselves seriously where it is placed. Additionally, their reputation can be two-fold: at once brilliant and a liar. Crossing boundaries to see how far one can go, as Saturn is wont to do, can lead one down the road of talking a big talk, saying untrue or mean things. They need to bite their tongue and temper their talking. In its finest essence, these are the responsible studiers of eclectic knowledge. The A-students. The law writers. The editors. The master linguists!


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