Saturday, February 8, 2020

Icy Dogwood, Maine, February 8, 2020

It’s a fiery Full Moon in Leo tonight. Moon in Leo, Venus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius. Stay cool, my friends! Keep your affairs calm and peaceful.

Venus freshly into Aries is a ripe opportunity to take hold of our relationships, our finances, our pursuits of self-sustainability, and make something new and exciting happen. And with the ruler of Aries (Mars) in Sagittarius, there is opportunity, expansion, and higher purpose out there waiting for us to discover it. Life is not all a box of chocolates, however, so at this time we are being asked to take action, not wait for it to fall into our laps. Grab life by the horns! The Ram’s horns, that is.

The Leo Full Moon is highly energized by all the surrounding fire of the inner planets, emphasizing action and movement. Step out on a limb, go find what you’re afraid of doing because you need it. This is not an idle time. All the attempts we’ve made to freeze and not proceed are melting away and revealing a stagnant set of muscles in desperate need of movement. Let the Sun melt the icy limbs of your body and bring forward positive movement back into your life. Keep the eye between your eyes on all the zesty inspiration and potential you know you have deep within and go out and get it, make it happen, bring it into light. This Full Moon is for reflecting and expressing our greatest selves onto the world around us. Maybe it’s just among our friends and community, maybe it’s upon the greater world at large, but whatever it is, it is time to manifest our bold visions and charge at them like bison across the plains.

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