Saturday, December 21, 2019

Winter Solstice is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere (11:20pm EST). A stationing of the Sun on its ecliptic at its furthest southern point (23° South). This is rebirth, renewal, and reawakening. This is the time to prepare for the coming year by organizing our intentions and resolutions. A time to recognize the fears, the pains, the losses, the outmoded ways of our past, allowing them to die that we may be reborn. That we may rise up out of the sea, work tirelessly to engage our mobility, and find ourselves, through diligent determination, commitment, and loyalty to our dreams, on top of the mountain we set out to summit. This is the journey of the sea goat, the archetype of Capricorn. It is the quintessential mythology describing life from its earliest lifeforms to its highest consciousness and self-awareness. This is our journey of healing and awakening. Winter Solstice asks that we resolve our shortcomings, forgive ourselves and each other, and welcome our Sun in its cycle of returning. This is the true new year. The ending of all that must fade away and the birth of all that we intend to bring to fruition. Encapsulate the essence of your soul’s intentions and set out on your ascent to the summit of your dreams.

Wishing you all health, prosperity, wisdom, and discipline on your journey ahead.

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