Grand Cross

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The astrological cardinal Grand Cross happened at approximately 6pm on Wednesday April 23 while we were in Florence, Italy. This was a squaring of Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus… A very powerful time on many levels for believers and nonbelievers alike. Another bold end and new beginning. If you’ve found yourself struggling to accomplish goals or overly uptight this might have something to do with those challenges. Tuesday April 29th marks an eclipse and a new moon, let us launch the next chapter…Cheers, to Sun, Moon, & Stars!!!




Corner Room, Grand Budapest, Walter’s ~ April 14, 2014

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We enjoyed a delicious hot pepper infused bloody mary at the Corner Room before a 5pm viewing of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which we LOVED, followed by a lovely dinner at Walter’s. Oh how we love happy hour at the Corner Room, and the melt-in-your-mouth beef short ribs served at Walter’s. It is, however, very difficult for each of us to order the same meal due to our passion for food, flavors, and the simple joy in two pieces of art. Rarely craving red meat we opted for the filet mignon with barely a hint of stilton in the perhaps too mildly flavored onion jam as our second entree. It’s always delicious food at Walter’s once you get past the elevator music and the newly constructed architectural eyesore hotel across the street (just look away!). The next time you’re walking the streets of Portland craving short ribs for dinner, I highly recommend giving Walter’s a chance.