Mars in Sagittarius

No. 9, 1948, by Mark Rothko

Your passion for deep understanding dominates your consciousness. There is a raw drive to discover the world and all its natural riches and treasures, revelations and awakenings, religions and philosophies. There is always more more more, and when the innermost core of your being is tirelessly seeking every one of those mores you may collapse under the weight of exhaustion. Be patient in your pursuit of knowledge. Dance around the tomes of wisdom with discernment and purpose. Beware of the tendency to rush into believing things without understanding why you do. The thoughtless raging drive of Mars may forget to reconsider the belief systems that have conditioned you for so long. Dogmatic religious structures may trigger aggressive remnants from past lives. Fire and brimstone may actually exist in the psychic memory. In other words, born with this, you may have burned at the stake.

Another signature of atonement, Mars in Sagittarius will beckon you to stand up for authenticity, drive you to weed out the bullshit, the grandiose, the dogma. But check your head, because this could also point to YOU being the bullshit, the grandiose, the dogma. Are you standing up for the superficial? Are you driven to preach a false gospel? Make amends and seek an honest truth, and know why you are seeking it.

Fantastic opportunities may unfold and tempt you, but are they legitimate opportunities? Take heed, listen carefully, and think before you act. Compare. Contrast. Discern. The gem is there, just don’t hasten to find it without analyzing the proper path first.

So, maybe it’s time to pack your bag and head for distant shores, greener pastures, different people, higher consciousness. After all, the chains have held you down for far too long. Break free, board the bird, fly away. But have a purpose. Know why you seek what you seek, even if you don’t know what you seek.

This is fire with fire, so breathe through life. Allow a tempered air to calm the flames so you don’t burn anyone, including yourself.

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