January 26, 2020

View from Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church, Vernazza, Italy

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces today and tomorrow, with Mars squaring them from Sagittarius. Addtionally, Moon approaches Venus/Neptune Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Relationships. Perhaps plagued by selfish desires or righteous indignation from nethers we can’t control, Mars squaring this otherwise nebulous and beautiful Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces brings us a window of time we might be better off laying down our guns in order to drink in an extra-passionate display of indulgences. Of course Mars in Sagittarius can take our fiery passions, desires, and anger to extremes, but the deep love-infused feminine bath of Moon/Venus/Neptune in Pisces douses those flames with hymns of the Sirens and leaves us with no capacity to disregard their tune. This is a Piscean window. What do you see outside your Piscean window? The cliffs of a beautiful Mediterranean village under a blue sky and beside a calm sea? Gorgeous fields of poppies? A babbling spring brook filled with ducklings and swans? Whatever it may be, this is the story of these days. Be mindful of your temper, however. Don’t let often-overly-righteous Mars slash and burn the villages, fields, and banks of your otherwise delightful scenery!

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