January 22, 2020

Tomorrow is a New Moon in Aquarius (4:41pm EST). Fresh off a few days reflecting upon the losses and suffering we endured over the past year or two (see yesterday’s post), we emerge into the higher octave of Saturnian wisdom. Aquarius reaches beyond the traditional confines of Capricorn and spreads its newfound wisdom like wings across vast expanses of the collective landscape. This brings the outstanding achievements and recognition we’ve worked so hard for back down the mountain and into the community that we belong to in the valley. It is a time to share, co-create, and work together to achieve the unimaginable.

A beautiful opportunity to raise our own standards of altruism and lower selfish concerns, this New Moon helps awaken us to the value inherent in our own local community and circle of friends. What we can accomplish for the greater good together is much greater than what only one or two people can accomplish alone. Aquarius seeks a frequency that resonates the faculty of the mind responsible for enlightenment and awakening. It is where we find the gateway to the bliss of Pisces, but it requires a Saturnian code of responsibility. We must adhere to the ethics of sincere service to community and friendship and not waiver from that sincerity.

This is the cusp of giving thanks to and absolving the confining ruts we carved for ourselves and reaching into a more advanced, sincere, progressive, and collective future. As I mentioned yesterday, once we understand WHY Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn may have knocked down so much in our lives, we can begin to build on a beautiful new foundation that elevates our future to places that were once unimaginable.

Make time for ceremony tomorrow, especially during sundown on the east coast. Reflect upon your past, revel in your present, and rejoice in your future. This is a new beginning for all of us that we don’t want to overlook.

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