January 20, 2020

Fields of Union County, November 27, 2019 – Photo by Geoff Gronlund

We have been living the Capricorn dream, which is more of a concrete reality than a dream. The bugs and critters that have been infesting our nooks and crannies have come out to play and we are doing all we can to eliminate them from our domain. So many problems and responsibilities, issues from our past, boundaries crossed and penance due, karmic cleansing. What Capricorn has taught us is right from wrong, truth from lies, work from play, integrity from treachery. These are hard lessons, and hard earned lessons. The struggles we’ve gone through haven’t been easy, and they seem to continue testing us, as if they’re not going away.

We can expect the unexpected, however, as Sun moves into Aquarius today and the New Moon is in Aquarius on Friday. A breath of fresh air seems to drift out of the dark forest of Capricorn and into the open fields, allowing us to see the bright blue sky again. This is a glimpse of the rebirth we will emerge from this coming December. In the meantime, we are incubating and maturing. We are expanding the vessel of the Self in order to contain all that our rebirth will bring. Our task today, as Moon passes Mars in Sagittarius, is to look far into our journey, our soul, the expansive landscape that we both seek and traverse every day, and recognize the actions we need to take in order to discover all the colors of our rainbow, all the layers of achievement we are striving to manifest. Layers that encompass every shade of light, from the darkest moors of desolation to the brightest warmth of a loving embrace.

Aquarius is the harbinger of brilliance, discovery, and greater awareness. Blake’s Poetic Genius, if you will. There is a wise voice whispering across eternity through everything, and it is up to us to awaken our capacity to not only hear it, but to listen. Worlds are colliding, synchronicity is mounting, and channels are opening. Emerge from the forests of Capricorn into the fields of Aquarius. Discover your greatest future.

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