Full Moon in Cancer, Friday, January 10, 2020

The Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse at 20° Cancer is Friday, January 10th at 2:22pm EST.

Moon is reflection. It exemplifies the process (phases) of reflecting upon ourselves, showing then hiding from us the entirety of who we are. Our undigested emotional trauma, our fears, our insecurities, our personal hangups, our inner child that needs affection, tenderness, and security. It is a time when we can fully see and recognize how these stresses in our lives are triggers that keep us in deeply carved ruts of personal plaque. When the light of our Sun fully reflects upon our Moon, all these facets of ourselves are exposed for us to reflect upon in hopes of understanding ourselves better and recognizing how to better nourish ourselves. Thus it is when we should bring to the altar whatever may be holding us back and preventing us from unfolding our wings so that we can let those things go and progress toward a more absolute awakening, not just a fleeting one. This Full Moon eclipse occurs in its home sign at 20° Cancer, magnifying its value and importance.

There is a caveat, however. As typical as this may seem, and it is typical this time of year, what is not typical is what Moon is opposing. There is a momentous communion of planets in Capricorn right now, magnified Sunday with an exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction (more on that in a future post). Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Sun, Ceres, Jupiter, and Moon’s south node are all there, convening to play a daunting role in our Full Moon process. Remember, Moon is reflecting light from the Sun, who is assembled with all of these planets in Capricorn. Thus we are approaching a critical moment of reflection upon all the limitations, deaths, lies, failures, boundaries crossed, and inner workings of our darkest experiences and corners we’ve been hiding from and have been hidden from us. We are stripping the layers off into the deepest roots of our foundation in life and recognizing it for the first time. All the decisions, the reasons (or lack thereof) for our choices, and how they led us to where we are. Because of the austere and unyielding influence of the Capricorn congregation, this will make for a rather painful attempt to honor and process our Cancerian traumas and insecurities.

It would be best to plan a quiet weekend in order to respect our boundaries and nurture our personal space, making plenty of time for reflection, affection, dissemination, and integration. Let what light there is shine in from the fringes and illuminate your weary soul. What exactly needs to be released, or gained, in our lives in order to achieve the transformation necessary to unfold our glorious wings of triumph? This is a balancing act of honoring our greatest strengths while forgiving our greatest weaknesses. Don’t let the geopolitical drama engulf you in depression and anxiety. Love and healing and evolution begin in our hearts and in the hearts of our loved ones at home and in our community.

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