Friday, January 3, 2020

Mars moved into Sagittarius overnight, and Mercury is conjunct Moon’s South Node in Capricorn. Take heed of Mercury’s counsel today. He has indispensable knowledge for us from the growing Capricorn round table. Messages we’ve been ignoring for quite some time now. Mars in Sagittarius brings renewed stamina, drive, and excitement for what is to come, as terrifying as it may have seemed lately. The changes we’ve been going through haven’t been easy, which is why we haven’t changed some things we know we should yet, but our quiet inner spirit knows the value and opportunities that await when we do finally appease those insistent gods. There is a lasting vitality to Mars in Sagittarius. One in which we can deliver the goods we’ve been meaning to. It is a primal force driving and inspiring us to expand far beyond the limitations we have been up against in the past few months. The daunting collapse and painful rebuild of our lives that has been in process just became a little more understandable. We are beginning to recognize the value of loss and the opportunities that arise from it, albeit gradually. Place your goals in front of you and don’t veer off course. Mars insists we take the chances we’ve been meaning to take!

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