Friday, December 13, 2019

Venus and Pluto join together today. Witnessing our interactions and experiences we share with one another from a higher perspective helps us better understand the truths and roots inherent in our actions. The value of the deep connections we share, and how well those connections are evolving and growing, is the prominent theme of today. This year-long cycle beginning is one of rebirth and regeneration in our relationships. Invisible transformative forces are swarming between us, conjuring up our limitations, endings, and deaths, as well as our commitments, deep memories, and certainly our sexuality and passions. With Moon at home in Cancer joining its North Node this morning, how we personalize and process all these feelings of insecurity and trauma helps us along in compassionately entering into a new chapter with one another. And Mars in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces brings ample opportunity to find emotional healing and growth deep within our own personal process and transformation. It is an important day for tuning into our emotional healing and committing to a more valuable relationship with each other. Reflection always brings rewards, as long as the intent involves our future.

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