Friday, April 3, 2020

There are important activations today and tomorrow in the celestial colliseum. Venus enters Gemini this afternoon (trining Saturn in Aquarius), Mercury joins Neptune in Pisces tonight, Jupiter finally meets up with Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow evening, and of course Chiron in Aries has been squaring Moon’s nodes.

There is a nebulousness to our mental and vocational activities today. We, or those around us, can be a little forgetful or confused. The truth seems a bit obscured by a daunting unfathomable reality that is beyond our control. And as we try to talk about it or understand it in order to relate to one another better, it just goes down a rabbit hole of blabber. We are feeling more talkative, relatable, and outgoing now that Venus has entered chatty sociable Gemini, but the limitations of Saturn in Aquarius thwart that desire to go out and walk or drive around town. We are instead forced into videoconferencing our friends and loved ones. And as Jupiter will be partile Pluto tomorrow evening, the culmination of these globally significant Plutonian conjunctions climaxes in extremes of loss or abundance. Jupiter is expansive and abundant and filled with opportunity. It brings great rewards and encourages us to seek greater and ever more diverse philosophies, cultures, and ideas. Pluto, on the other hand, God of the underworld, brings limitation, loss, death, sorrow, and rules the skeletons hidden deep in our closets. But the beauty of Pluto is that once we truly face the dark shadows of our own personal underworld, we are set free and liberated to be reborn, often metaphorically explained through the story of the phoenix that rises from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. So, if we have not faced important shadows, deep insecurities, lies, or abuses either given or taken, the reckoning could very well seep up out of the mist and bring us through the fire we need to burn it to the ground and begin anew. If the exposure of this darkness will help us develop a deeper connection to our nearest and dearest, this is a very apropos time. With Venus entering Gemini we are wont to communicate our thoughts to those we love, and with Jupiter conjunct Pluto we are seeking expansion and rebirth in order to align (Capricorn) with Universal Truth, with God, with Goddess. Walk through the fire, question the answers, share your feelings and thoughts with those you love. This is the great cleansing. The healing of our deepest darkest wounds (Chiron square the Nodes). This is our journey from fear and anxiety to glorious forgiveness and awakening. We will all sing again.

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