Moon Occults Saturn and Pluto

Moon occulted Saturn early this morning (an eclipse), and it occults Pluto as I am posting this (7:35am EDT). Because Saturn and Pluto’s celestial longitude and declination is so near each other all year, along with Moon’s when she transits their position around 22° Capricorn, we will experience these occultations many more times this year as glimpses into what is coming next January, when Saturn and Pluto finally meet alongside Sun and Mercury (first Capricorn conjunction since 1518). These are peeks behind the curtain, if you will, discovering secrets and power games taking place, quite possibly dark shadows at work. How this is unfolding in our lives, and to what extent, depends upon where this occurs in our chart. Look for anything near 19-22° Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra in particular, as these are angular to these current occultations. Primarily […]

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Mars in Taurus (February 14 – March 31)

Mars is fierce independence and individuality, as well as driving force and race horse stamina. Yet the fire that rages can burn and destroy if there is not valuable purpose and direction behind the energy. Mars seeks self-reliance while in this sign, teaching us how to fight to achieve our personal goals through independence and initiative. We will never achieve our goals if we do not take a stand and expose ourselves for the world to see. Risk is absolutely necessary on the path toward success. It is high time, especially as Mars is still conjunct Uranus, to hoist the sails, take the helm of your Soul, and set a course for where YOU need to go. Beware: Due to the conflict between Taurus’s inertia and Mars’s stamina, tension can arise in many ways during this time; relationships, fatigue, finances, […]

Setting the Stage (Lunar Eclipse in Leo)

  Full Moon Lunar EclipseMonday, January 21, 2019, 12:16am ESTSun 0°51′ Aquarius, Moon 0°51′ LeoNorth Node 26°46′ Cancer, South Node 26°46′ CapricornVisibility: All of North and South America As is always the case with eclipses, we have the opportunity to channel the direct transmission between ourselves (Earth) and our luminaries (Sun and Moon). Sun at 0° Aquarius > Earth > Moon at 0° Leo. This is a portal in the most real sense; a time to recognize and reflect upon the journey behind and ahead of us. With the Full Moon in Leo, this reflection is about self-awareness, self-identity, and especially creative self-expression. Through solemn intention, preparedness, and right action we can access potentials we might otherwise not access. The most promising future that can arise from the intensity of eclipses is a result of the actions we take to manifest […]

Holistic Mystic Fair Today!

We are all set up to do readings today from 10-4pm at the Holistic Mystic Fair at the Armory in Augusta, Maine. 20 minutes for $20.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

As I write this, the Moon is fresh into the sign of Taurus and exactly conjunct Uranus at 1°. Uranus is in the process of retrograding back into Aries until Early January, when it will station direct and make its final push into Taurus for the next seven years. There is much talk of Uranus’ ingress into Taurus having an inevitable effect upon the global economy, as well as our own personal economies. Related to that is the fact that Uranus will also have an effect upon how we feel about ourselves in general. Taurus represents that which makes us feel like we have the supplies and resources to survive, which of course means our money and our material belongings. But that also boils down to our self-esteem and self-worth, because without either of those we struggle immensely to survive […]

Mercury Cazimi in Virgo

Mercury Cazimi in Virgo Let’s get busy! Cazimi is a medieval astrological term referring to when a planet is so close to a conjunction with the Sun that it is “in the heart” of it, which is the literal translation of cazimi. Mercury will be conjunct the Sun at 28° Virgo tonight at 9:30pm (EDT). This cazimi only happens in Virgo every year or two. Let’s explore that…. Mercury will be supercharged by the Sun in one of its own ruling signs (Virgo) today and tomorrow, prompting us to finalize and complete our projects, check everything off our lists, perfect that spreadsheet, put a more perfect coat of finish on that furniture, run those extra two miles, eat the healthiest salad, and be the best we can be before we need to go face other people. We want to be in […]

Mars Retrograde (June 26 – August 27, 2018)

Mars stationed retrograde on Wednesday, June 26th, at 9° Aquarius. Here’s what that means… We follow patterns in life: habits, routines, responsibilities…unconscious behavior patterns. As Mars slows down and stations retrograde, these patterns emerge from our unconscious into our awareness, allowing us to glimpse a portion of our being that had been on autopilot for nearly two years. Instead of perpetually repeating our patterns and not heeding other winds of change blowing our way, the winds now cease so these can all crystallize in front of our very eyes. We can assess the patterns and understand much more clearly WHY we should take a new course of action. All the advice that was whispered to us over the past couple of years, all the subtle feelings of wanting to change but not feeling ready to, not wanting to, not believing […]