I’m a certified Evolutionary Astrologer and have been studying astrology since I was 17 years old. I developed a keen interest in the metaphysical world and the mysteries of life while spending hours taking notes from old esoteric books at Bucknell University library in my hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. After many years of venturing down a myriad of paths, astrology coaxed its way into my journey on a professional level. Reawakened to it by Laurie Farrington, Kaypacha, and at Kaypacha’s recommendation, Maurice Fernandez, I committed myself to the ancient study of astrology through Maurice’s Professional Course: Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness.

I graduated from Maurice’s course as a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer in May 2017. I am also on the board as Community Outreach Director for the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), an international astrology organization with satellites in 12 countries.

I have two children, am an avid photographer, and I travel often with my wife Angelina.



Hi, I’m Angelina. A star gazer from the early ages of single digits. Since then, I’ve been wandering through the day and night sky with astonishment…. What does this all mean? Why does the Moon change shape? What is the Zodiac?

Little did I know at that young age there would be a literal tune-in to my personal belief of a higher power. In my mind, the Sun, Moon, and stars had to be far more powerful than anything in the world. Thus began the awareness and wonderment of my personal soul’s journey.

My silent sky conversations continued as I learned a little about astrology and the zodiac through friends or a daily newspaper horoscope. I knew I was a Capricorn but had no real idea what that actually meant. In 2014, I became certain that astrology was something I truly wanted to study, and I knew that I wanted to become an Evolutionary Astrologer. It would be a journey that would help me to help myself and others at the same time.


Astrology is an ancient study of planetary and luminary cycles and how they resonate with our lives. The Sun comes up and the Sun goes down on the same path across the sky that the Moon and planets take. This is called the ecliptic, and beyond the ecliptic are the constellations of our Zodiac. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between being a Taurus and being a Pisces, aside from being born at a different time of the year? It is because those constellations were aligned with and being filtered through the Sun when you were born. Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel overly emotional, aggressive, or affectionate? These are subtleties of the human experience that fluctuate with the rhythms of other people and the universe around us. These rhythms and how they synchronize with our journey through life are brought to light through the study of Astrology.

Evolutionary Astrology is the study of how we are here to evolve our consciousness so we can better navigate the cosmic cycles and rhythms of life. It is also rooted in the idea that we cannot possibly reach our highest spiritual potential in one lifetime, thus we need many lifetimes to achieve this. Evolutionary Astrology provides insight into your soul’s evolutionary journey in this life. It also provides insight into why you’re experiencing certain situations and where to focus your energy so that you can do your soul’s work and grow to be the best vision of yourself possible.

We are two Roving Souls in communion, loving and sharing this beautiful world with all of you.

We would sincerely like to thank every soul we have met on our journey and all those to come. Without all of you we would not be who we are today. Blessed are we to have met you. May we all help each other evolve through this life, and those to come, with compassion, understanding, and love.

Be Peace. Be Love. Be You. Be Well.

We are all Roving Souls!