Baby Raccoon Falls Fifty Feet

May 19, 2014: While walking and jogging through Central Park in the early afternoon we heard a loud animal sound that seemed to be crying out for help. Stopping and looking up to see where or what the sound was we noticed a baby raccoon dangling from a tree branch over 50 feet above us. It had taken a new adventure too far, and was now unable to pull its lower body back onto the branch and into the tree. Who knows how long it had been there or how long it could hang on before plummeting to its death. Unsure what to do and no one else around we waited with hopes and well wishes for its safety, and Geoff moved directly underneath it just in case. Four additional park walkers stopped with hopes of the same safety for this baby raccoon. The combined energy of all our well wishes blew the tree to sway, and the raccoon could no longer hang on to save his own life. The raccoon let go…free falling 50 feet in what felt like slow motion. We gasped, barely able to watch. Geoff reached out his hand just at the right moment and the baby raccoon’s belly landed flat in the middle of his palm breaking its fall. After gently placing it on the ground the baby raccoon took a number of weak and wobbly steps away before turning around to come back and lick Geoff’s ankle while purring as if to say thank you. Geoff stroked its back and it again weakly wobbled away into the brush. It was a beautiful magical moment in this divine world. (Since we were exercising in the park we didn’t have anything on us, but one of the additional park walkers took this photo of the baby raccoon and sent it to us.) CUDDLES

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