Moon Occults Saturn and Pluto

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Moon occulted Saturn early this morning (an eclipse), and it occults Pluto as I am posting this (7:35am EDT). Because Saturn and Pluto’s celestial longitude and declination is so near each other all year, along with Moon’s when she transits their position around 22° Capricorn, we will experience these occultations many more times this year as glimpses into what is coming next January, when Saturn and Pluto finally meet alongside Sun and Mercury (first Capricorn conjunction since 1518). These are peeks behind the curtain, if you will, discovering secrets and power games taking place, quite possibly dark shadows at work. How this is unfolding in our lives, and to what extent, depends upon where this occurs in our chart. Look for anything near 19-22° Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra in particular, as these are angular to these current occultations. Primarily these transits surround our reputation, our power, and any structures in place in our lives, be they emotional (relationships), mental (belief systems), or physical (possessions and our attachment to them). Leading up to, during, and shortly after next January we can expect significant changes in any of these parts of our lives, especially if the placements are strongly aspected in our charts.

Here are the dates of occultations throughout the year:
March 29
April 25
May 22
June 18-19
July 16
August 12
September 8
October 5-6
November 29
December 27

In the meantime, Venus just entered Pisces as Mercury stationed direct while conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so take it easy, go with the flow, and in the beautiful words of Paul McCartney, LET IT BE!

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