We are two roving souls in communion. Loving and sharing this beautiful world with all of you. We would sincerely like to thank every soul we have met on our journey, and all those to come. Without all of you we would not be who we are today. Blessed are we to have met you. May we all help set ourselves and each other free to be exactly who we are.

Be Free.

Be Peace.

Be Love.

Be Well.

us in pa

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  1. Thank you for your interest, Gudie! Our shirts range from $24-33 (USD). We will generate your chart and send you a link for you to purchase any style or other product you’d like from our site. Turquoise is not a color option, however. Please let us know what color ink you’d like and we will send you your link.

    Much Gratitude,
    Angelina & Geoff
    Roving Souls

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