Finding a Good Date


  • Geoff can address questions concerning any facet of your life, be it relationships, vocation, health, children, or spiritual development.
  • This process of counseling can quickly immerse you in deep soul work; therefore, the more willing you are to immerse yourself, the more insight you will gain from a reading.
  • Approximately 75 minutes long


What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient knowledge that permeates the history of nearly every culture on Earth. Its variations are rooted in countless mythologies from the ancient and medieval world, including ancient Egypt, China, India, Mexico, Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia. The knowledge is vast and complex, requiring years of study and practice to deeply understand and council.

Evolutionary Astrology is the study of planetary and luminary cycles and how they resonate with our lives. The positions of these planets and luminaries when we were born create a soul stamp commonly known as a birth chart. Through Evolutionary Astrology we can decipher from this birth chart patterns of behavior, circumstances that may have been experienced in past lives, insecurities that may stem from early childhood or past life traumas or abuse, and a means of compassionately understanding how to best navigate through this life to reach one’s maximum potential. It involves a deep understanding that we are here to evolve our consciousness so that we can become better versions of ourselves. It also requires an understanding that this process of evolving our consciousness expands beyond just one life, because we cannot master our consciousness in one lifetime.


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