Moon in Taurus

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Garden of Earthly Delights, Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, oil on panels, 1490-1510 (click for center panel detail)

Life needs to be just the way you like it. Food, surroundings, music, people, you name it. If it stimulates your senses in a comforting way, there’s little holding you back from indulgence. Build your nest, settle in to your pleasures, and indulge! Go ahead! You have worked hard to sustain your needs in these areas, now it is time to enjoy them. But nobody better tell you it has to change! Oh no, that’s not happening! Nothing is changing. The couch, the snacks, the safe haven, the music that’s playing, the art on your walls. They stay right where they are! Be mindful that your indulgences don’t take you down the wrong path, though. These can get to extremes, especially with Moon in Taurus in the 9th or 12th house or aspected to Jupiter or Neptune. These bring excess and loss of control respectively.

You likely have a keen ear for fine music, or are an accomplished or aspiring musician. Maybe you have a desire to cook, build things, play with clay or dirt. There is tremendous creativity in the reserves of the Taurian Bull! It is very possible that these are means to tapping into and processing your emotions. If you’re unaware of any desires such as these, perhaps it is time to consider one of them. For it is the creative force that brings us closer to ourselves and to Great Spirit.

Do you own land? Does your family? Your mother’s family? Did you grow up on a farm? Are you a realtor? You have a tendency to believe land is a sacred investment, a resource of tremendous value. And not just land, everything you own is very important, and how you got to where you are. Your self-sufficiency and self-reliance is a trait you know all about. You’re doing life your way to get what you desire. And you’re probably pretty good at it.

You have a sensitivity, however, that is not so cavalier as “doing life your way to get what you desire.” You’re possibly the most sensual person you know. You seek to intimately touch your partner, not just dive right in. There is so much emphasis on the subtlety of affection that any advances made trying to skip over them is lost on you. You lose interest quickly. Taking the time to brush your fingers across their skin from their head to their toes is where it’s at! This isn’t to say that you even NEED someone else to do this, though. You don’t. You know all about how to take care of yourself, and not just financially or gastronomically. Yes, you’re very self-sufficient in your sensuality, too. Don’t be ashamed. Pleasure can be experienced alone.

Delicious, warm, cozy, sensual, material, fixed, stable, self-reliant, and absolutely desirous of all things related to these. Just remember to share your thirst for affection and stimulation of your senses with all those you encounter. And share your belongings, your material wealth, your refined taste for the good things in life. Give back to others in need, be the empowering caregiver you’re so adept at being. Just be careful you don’t spend every penny on that 1961 Bordeaux, or that brand new Range Rover, or the fanciest house in town. Frugality is a virtue for those who overindulge.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

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By Mike Dubois

Today’s New Moon in Aquarius is widely conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, which means it is partially in alignment with Earth and Sun, which means a partial Solar Eclipse. That’s right, it’s eclipse season, which means openings, or portals, into change and growth are upon us. New Moons are harbingers of new beginnings, new intentions being set, recognition that changes to our lives need to be made. Where is this happening for you?

There are electric, high-consciousness charges beaming in and stirring up our cauldron with inspirational ideas and visions of a better future. A better future for ourselves and our community. How would you like to improve the circle of like-minded friends and community members you relate to and appreciate in your life? What organizations would you like to help? Can you afford to donate your services, ideas, or finances to a good cause to better society or your local community?

With so much darkness around us, it is high time the deep blue rays of divine vision pouring forth from the vessel of Aquarius flow through us like a raging stream of sustained awakening. This New Moon eclipses Sun and begs we look back into our roots, our seeds, our previous beginnings to witness what has previously enlightened us in our past. Do we need to humble ourselves before the Great Mystery? Are our ideals for show or are they for progress? Will our legacy be valued by our children’s children? How many generations are your actions and accomplishments affecting?

Nurture inclusion toward progress within your tribe. It has been unlocked. Go forth through the portal of Electric Truth and lead those who seek direction, follow those who honor the sacred Mysteries, and recognize all the beauty of the petals on the flowers growing in the garden of your mind.

Mercury is swimming just beside Sun and Moon today, so be sure that whatever intentions you set forth, you do so in writing or in spoken word. It is good to at least perform this ritual in the mind, but there is immense power in our words. Communicate to your people, your loved ones, your friends. Listen to those who communicate to you. Honor your higher self and involve it deeply in your community. Our tribes and paradigm need to work together locally and share both hearts and minds with one another in order to find social freedom.

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Venus in Pisces (Feb 10 – Mar 6)

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Danae, by Gustav Klimt, 1907, oil on canvas

The spiritual lover and sensual collector of all fine things. Things to touch, smell, feel, hear, and taste. The senses will be spiritualized! It is time to awaken your senses to the spiritual meaning behind all of them. There is intrinsic value in many material things, but it is important not to confuse their value with just personal gratification. Yes, it can be enlightening to experience the sensuality of physical touch, beautiful music, succulent cuisine, or enchanting perfumes, but there is an underlying value there beyond the realm of our senses five. Perhaps you could call it our sixth sense or channeling through our crown chakra, but these experiences of existence go deep into the subtle bodies. That feeling of getting chills across your whole body when a musician takes you on a magical journey? That is the embodiment of Venus in Pisces. It is so important to recognize the value of beauty beyond the flesh, beyond just the senses. As we awaken to these realizations, we begin to understand how sacred the world around us truly is. The Great Spirit that flows through everything is the epitome of these forces.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the higher octave, if you will, of Venus. These energies are synergetic, so when they combine with one another there is tremendous lift beneath their wings. And wings is a great metaphor for how they can make you feel. Be careful not to climb too high into the stratosphere, because there is work to be done here on Earth. The Venus of Earth is Taurus, which is our senses, our talents, our inspirations. The Venus of Air is Libra, which is our relationships, our desire for fairness and harmony and understanding among one another. And Pisces is the Water in this alchemical brew. It is actually more like the Ether of the brew, the steam and essences that rise from the cauldron of our brew.

What is the true substance of all of this? It reveals itself in subtle nuances throughout our days and nights. It is our relationships wanting to run away forever and never come back. It is our evenings wanting to turn up the music, open a fine bottle of wine, and maybe smoke some grass. It is a warm afternoon walk through a forest dappled with sunbeams. It is a luxurious swim in warm turquoise waters off the coast of a remote island. But the essence of these experiences is what they do to our soul’s evolution. Can you witness and understand the value of these things without getting lost in the self-serving gratification of them? Yes, they sound dreamy, and they are, but understand that all of that beauty and joy and pleasure is fleeting and merely a means to respecting and appreciating on a spiritual level how infinitely magical the Universe truly is.

Stay in check during this time, though. This can take relationships into unknown territories and lure you both into places you didn’t know you’d go. It can be like the gorgeous Sirens who lure you into your demise with their temptations and otherworldly beauty. Take care to do the work that still needs done. Stay responsible, stay aligned with your path, stay in touch with each other through communication, both speaking and touching. Have important moments together with close friends, loved ones, your parents. This is a deep transit of Love. It is an opportunity to experience Love as the true essence of existence, not just a word or a feeling or a thought. But it can also take your relationship on an out-of-control spiral into the unknown. Don’t let your relationship be lost through escapism!

On Wednesday, February 21st, Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, magnifying all of these things to extremes. If you can, take time to meditate on the importance of the physical and spiritual in your life, as well as how they balance one another and are ultimately intertwined in this third dimension.

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NEW! 30-Minute Astrology Consultations

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Hey now! For those of you interested in Astrology, or even if you’re only curious, I am now offering 30-minute consultations for less than half the price of a full 75-minute consultation. For $50 we can discuss a specific facet of your life, how the current cycles of the cosmos are affecting that situation, and some clarity as to how best to proceed through it. In person, online, or on the phone, whatever you’re comfortable with. If you have any questions, please contact me at or go right ahead and book it here.

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Come Visit!

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Student Teacher Angelina Gronlund invites you to join her for Open Studio time at ReDefining Yoga in Windham, ME.

The ReDefining Yoga Studio will be open for walk-in visitors of all kinds on Thursday’s from 10am to 2pm. Feel free to stop in for an Introduction to Yoga, Meditation, a quiet practice just for you, or simply a relaxed casual conversation about anything under the Sun.

Along with Yoga, Meditation, and Life Coach Training, Angelina is a student of Evolutionary Astrology and would love to share more about this with you!

Please feel free to contact Angelina directly at

Come visit! We’d love to meet you! 🕊


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

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Skull, by Gerhard Richter
oil on canvas

New Moon in Capricorn on January 16th was about breaking down old outmoded structures and building new ones. Getting rid of what didn’t work and cleaning house to make way for what does. What about our reputation wasn’t accurate or legitimate? How can we align our reputation with greater dignity? How should we manage our time better to achieve our ultimate goals in life?

Full Moon in Leo now looks back at the intentions we made during the New Moon in Capricorn and wants to manifest them through playful self-expression, exuberant liveliness, showing everyone just exactly what they have to offer. The eclipse is a portal of destiny to grasp a new spark and turn it into a roaring fire of warmth and brilliance. The approach is bold, loud, bright, and bears every intention of leaving a legacy in its wake. Mothers are exalted, nurturing is recognized and reciprocated, our security is in place and we can now boldly go where perhaps no one has been. Take heed that eclipses are potent moments that reverberate out through Time. Expectations should extend out accordingly. What is practiced, ritualized, intended, and expressed will be noticed. The celestial shamans witness our visions and heed our most subtle truths. Beware of temptations to grandstand. Humble the hero on your stage and proceed as a proud noble lioness. Moon in Leo is an empty stage that is all yours!

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Mars in Sagittarius

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No. 9, 1948, by Mark Rothko

Your passion for deep understanding dominates your consciousness. There is a raw drive to discover the world and all its natural riches and treasures, revelations and awakenings, religions and philosophies. There is always more more more, and when the innermost core of your being is tirelessly seeking every one of those mores you may collapse under the weight of exhaustion. Be patient in your pursuit of knowledge. Dance around the tomes of wisdom with discernment and purpose. Beware of the tendency to rush into believing things without understanding why you do. The thoughtless raging drive of Mars may forget to reconsider the belief systems that have conditioned you for so long. Dogmatic religious structures may trigger aggressive remnants from past lives. Fire and brimstone may actually exist in the psychic memory. In other words, born with this, you may have burned at the stake.

Another signature of atonement, Mars in Sagittarius will beckon you to stand up for authenticity, drive you to weed out the bullshit, the grandiose, the dogma. But check your head, because this could also point to YOU being the bullshit, the grandiose, the dogma. Are you standing up for the superficial? Are you driven to preach a false gospel? Make amends and seek an honest truth, and know why you are seeking it.

Fantastic opportunities may unfold and tempt you, but are they legitimate opportunities? Take heed, listen carefully, and think before you act. Compare. Contrast. Discern. The gem is there, just don’t hasten to find it without analyzing the proper path first.

So, maybe it’s time to pack your bag and head for distant shores, greener pastures, different people, higher consciousness. After all, the chains have held you down for far too long. Break free, board the bird, fly away. But have a purpose. Know why you seek what you seek, even if you don’t know what you seek.

This is fire with fire, so breathe through life. Allow a tempered air to calm the flames so you don’t burn anyone, including yourself.

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Uranus in the Third House

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by Victor Brauner
by Victor Brauner

Wild, spontaneous, electrifying Uranus charges the mind with a thirst for knowledge in order to gain an understanding of how to make sense of the world. The higher consciousness that we often neglect and turn a deaf ear to is screaming its lightening lungs out for us to get it down on paper, speak it verbosely, and know it completely. Write about the progress we need to make! You see everything so sharply, quickly, and with such cynical wit. Beware of a rapid fire mouth that spews elitist degrading quips. Your wisdom is in knowing many things quickly, but so many of your thoughts may not be wise. Take the time to analyze and authenticate your thoughts before you speak or write them publicly.

The majority of your energy will be of the mind and mentally draining. Discipline yourself to put into action those ideas and thoughts that you took the time to analyze and authenticate. They are indeed your gifts and wisdom worth sharing. The only way to vitalize and nourish that incessantly brilliant mind of yours is to act on that which you know to be true and worthy of expressing. The tendency to retreat from building an expansive legacy looms over you, often with a desire to keep it all up in your mind. Instead, learn how to ground yourself so you can act on your ideas and share them to bring higher-consciousness progress to the world.

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